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How Should I Persuade Customers On Phone? [Strategies for Phone Sales]


Jul 4, 2023

phone sales How Should I Persuade Customers On Phone? [Strategies for Phone Sales] .Neither salesperson, whether inexperienced or seasoned, can dispute the difficulty of trying to persuade consumers over the phone.

When it’s a cold call, there are several circumstances when it gets worse. I’ll break down this subject in this article and also demonstrate a few tactics that will make it easy for you to persuade customers over the phone rapidly.

This is because having a solid product is the first step in increasing sales. You won’t have to endure the agony of trying to persuade clients to purchase your stuff if you have a strong offering. Selling a well-known brand is simpler even though you might be able to draw people with a lesser-known one.

Keep in mind that selling over the phone is a very different experience than selling in person. Although having phone discussions with customers has its advantages, many persuasions are lost.

Factors that restrict you from persuading customers on the phone

Keep in mind that as a phone representative, you have one of the most challenging sales tasks. However, you will confront some difficulties that traditional face-to-face salespeople do not have to deal with:

  • Because your prospect can hang up on you at any moment.
  • It is much easier for customers to say “no” over the phone.
  • Inability to take advantage of non-verbal sales techniques like a strong handshake or direct eye contact.

Therefore, many salespeople are unable to execute over the phone as a result of these challenges. Although it’s challenging and necessitates a salesperson to shift their mental concentration to various pitch components.

Therefore, before we move into the specifics of many approaches to obtaining a customer via phone contact, you should be aware of some errors that sellers make:

Too much giveaway:

Giving discounts to customers in order to get them to sign up for the service or purchase is one of a seller’s bad habits. Keep in mind that there is always a way to gain customers, even if your product is not particularly distinctive or stands out from that of other suppliers.
Let’s examine sports equipment producers like Nike.

Sometimes you may get the same quality shoes that are much cheaper than Nike, but more than 70–80% of customers will only go for Nike. It happens because of the brand value that Nike has made over the years, quality is the connection that the customer feels with a celebrity that has endorsed the Nike shoes and is ready to pay a higher price.

Utilizing problem marketing the product:

There are a lot of SaaS applications available, and the competition is severe. There are, however, quite a few services that stand out, and what makes them distinctive is that they never oversell their offerings instead highlighting the benefits that make them even more alluring. To offer your customer a unique solution, make sure you comprehend their problem spots.

How to persuade clients on the phone?

These are the following ways how to persuade clients using phone call as explained below:

1.Stay Natural and Use Scripts.

Customers call because they want to speak with a genuine person who will reply to their enquiries and address all of their questions, even the strange ones.

If not, though, website visitors would continue to browse. You talk naturally when reading from your script because of this.

Keep in mind that the client will perceive these types of prewritten replies as being artificial and as part of an unwelcome sales procedure. This indicates that if you can build an emotional connection with a consumer over the phone, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Achieving this will not be possible if the call consultant reads aloud the previously prepared conversation scenario. This means that if you are wondering how to convince customers on phone to buy your product, do one thing, just stay natural and act like a human being.

2.Pay Close Attention to Your Clients.

One of the issues with these agents is that they listen less to their customer’s issues and are more interested in selling the product. What this does is to create the impression of a hard-sell policy, and this does not leave a favorable impression with your customers. Phone call marketers frequently put forward their own opinions before customers ask their relevant questions.

Most clients would actually want to put you off with the I am not interested blow-off, but you should have an objection rebuttal for the “I am not interested” blow-off.

One of the ideal approaches is listening to the customer’s opinion and then put forward your product benefits. When presenting your product to the customer, listen to what they say, and then talk about the product features.

3.You require a lot of energy.

You should be aware that you cannot shake someone’s hand firmly or make eye contact while you are a phone salesperson. Keep in mind that in traditional sales, shaking a prospect’s hand is a means for you to connect with them, build trust, and then start a dialogue. However, since you cannot shake someone’s hand over the phone, you must interact with them in another way.

Having a lot of energy can help you engage the customer right away in discussion. Simply speaking in a high tone could result in a sale. Additionally, you will benefit more as the prospect becomes more involved.

4.Recognize your client.

Anytime you want to persuade a customer to buy your product, start the conversation by introducing yourself and asking the customer how they are doing.

According to research, among the group of customers who were surveyed about their wellbeing, sales rose dramatically.

5.Participate in quality discussion.

Keep in mind that quality calls sell products. Eliminate as much filler as you can from your calls. Keep in mind that vocal tics like “oh” and “ahh” degrade call quality. However, you ought to utilize precise language that lends weight to your arguments.

As soon as your customer has finished speaking, consider what you can do to help the consumer form a positive impression of you, then tailor your opinion statement to fit.

6.Utilize the tool of urgency.

Every phone representative has a weakness, and that is the presentation’s entire urgency element. This is due to the fact that you are merely a voice on the other end of the line, making it simple for the prospect to reply, “I’ll think about it and call you back.”

Tell them that this is a last-minute, urgent offer that won’t be accessible later if you don’t want this to happen. But this must happen right now, and it must be the presentation’s overarching topic the entire time.

One of the worst things you can do is to use urgency to overcome the “I’ll think about it and call you back” objection, this is because it will not be genuine at that point. Just use it right away and ensure the prospect knows that it’s important they make a decision immediately

7.Address clients by name.

Make sure you learn your client’s name and occasionally utilize it. According to psychological studies, people enjoy hearing their names spoken and are far more inclined to strike up a friendly discussion when someone else does.

So be mindful of suitable forms when conversing in foreign languages. But when speaking English, you can call the client by their name without worrying about offending them.

Use Mr. or Miss. if you don’t want to insult the customer. It is quite clear that you treat your clients like people and not just leads in your CRM system when you encourage them to acquire your goods.

8.Keep Your Position Proper While Pitching.

I am aware that you are asking how your posture relates to persuading customers on the phone. But keep in mind that speaking louder is achieved by standing or sitting up straight.

This means that if you keep your body in the appropriate position, you will sound more certain. The voice cords cannot open fully when you talk while seated at an angle and with your head bowed. When this occurs, it will make it difficult to hear the voice clearly.

9.Explain the subsequent steps to customers.

Simply heed our final piece of advice if you want to know how to persuade someone to purchase your product. Asking your client what they would want to do next can help you make sure you are utilizing psychology in your job and will give them some autonomy. or what will be your next move? This will make you sound more like a consultant rather than a salesperson. Note that this is a crucial phase in the process of persuading clients over the phone.

However, you can still offer a few options or a few instances of the following actions. However, by asking the customer a question of this like and allowing them make their own decisions without pressuring or persuading them in any direction, you are demonstrating to the client that their viewpoint matters.

Keep in mind that a sales call is more likely to be successful once the customer realizes they have a choice and feels valued for it.


Most time, incoming calls can be a great sales channel, and this means that you need to know how to convince customers on phone to buy and how to move from questions about the product to a commercial offer.

Please note that the psychological tricks listed above will certainly help you establish a good relationship with your customers.

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