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55:WISH APP How to Use a Credit Cardless Wish Account to Get Free Stuff

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WISH APP How to Use a Credit Cardless Wish Account to Get Free Stuff Yes, Wish is full of reasonably priced goods, plus there is a chance to receive free goods.

I know how to acquire free goods on Wish without a credit card since I’ve been there, done that, and am now sharing some of my favorite techniques. There are numerous different payment options available to you if you don’t have a credit card.

Despite certain things being marked as “free,” there may still be a hidden fee. The “first come, first served” bargain is one frequent promotion

. In this case, you will be initially charged for the item, but if another person purchases it before you, the money will be returned back to your PayPal account. Speaking of PayPal, doing so is safer than providing Wish with your bank information directly.

Using a prepaid credit card in place of your credit card is something I even advise. Shipping charges still apply even if you are the first customer and receive a Wish item for free. As a result, getting the timing right, a little bit of luck, and process knowledge are necessary to effectively benefit from Wish’s offerings.


  • Although some things on Wish are marked as “free,” there may be additional fees, such as shipping charges.
  • There are ways to receive things for free on Wish, like using Revolut with PayPal, manually looking for free stuff, and using the ‘Daily Giveaway’ app for Android only.
  • High shipping costs are frequently associated with free Wish items.


  • Does Wish Offer Free Stuff?
  • How to Use Wish Without a Credit Card to Get Free Stuff
  • How Can I Use a Credit Cardless Payment on Wish?
  • Why Is Wish Offering Free Items?

1.Does wish offer free stuff?

Wish allows for credit card-less purchases of free goods. Your credit card is secure, despite this. Generally speaking, if an item is marked as free, shipping and handling charges still apply even though you won’t be paid for the item itself. Depending on the item’s size, weight, and origin, these shipping costs may change.

Free shipping is available on any item in the Wish app with the use of the well-known coupon 3shipping. Use this code to take the shipping costs out of your total if your account qualifies and you can. Even so, not every user may experience success with this code.

Examine the product information and double-check the delivery prices before making any purchases to avoid unforeseen costs. Some sellers on Wish may advertise items at enticingly low prices, only to tack on significant shipping costs afterwards.

Additionally, there is a possibility that the goods quality won’t meet your standards or that delivery may take longer than expected. Always read other Wish customers’ reviews to get a sense of the product’s quality before purchasing.

WISH APP2.How to Use Wish Without a Credit Card to Get Free Stuff

I’ve come up with 4 strategies that anyone may use to obtain free items on Wish without using a credit card. Keep it natural and order the majority of the items for free without abusing the system.

1: Use Revolut and PayPal to Get Free Stuff from Wish

Sorry, shoppers from the US, this trick isn’t for you. You will need a Revolut and a PayPal account, and a computer. It won’t work on your phone.

  • You can add anything to your Wish basket for a total of $50, including shipping.
  • Use PayPal to finish the checkout.
  • Creating a new virtual credit card on Revolut is necessary. Verify that it is empty (for the time being, you can transfer your funds to a Vault).
  • To make a payment, connect this virtual card to your PayPal account.

Wish sends your order even though PayPal indicates an issue since it believes you have paid. A cancellation of an order occurs occasionally. On the other hand, the majority will arrive at your door.

2:Manually search Wish for free items

You will always find a free list on Wish because the majority of the items are inexpensive.

  • Utilize the website or the app to visit Wish.com.
  • Look for goods that are free. Enter “free” in the search field.
  • Search online for a free shipping coupon after you’ve found a free item to avoid paying for shipping.

3:The Android Exclusive Method

If you have an Android device, this one is for you. Follow these steps to get free stuff on Wish without a credit card.

  • Get the Wish app now.
  • Establish a profile.
  • Tap the blue gift icon with the white ribbon to go to the “Daily Giveaway” page.
  • Verify that shipment is uncharged. The product information are available for review.
  • From 9 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. CST each day, this freebie is accessible for a brief while.
  • By repeatedly clicking the “Current” button throughout this period, you can continuously refresh the page.
  • Find the “Claim” button if you can. Move swiftly and tap on it when it appears.
  • Make as many iterations of this method as you can.
  • Continue by clicking “Claim Your Giveaway” after making sure the shipment is truly free.

4: Use a referral code when you shop.

  • To earn $100 for referring a friend, select “Earn $100” on the Wish app.
  • You’ll get a special code that your friends can use to sign up with a $5 off discount.
  • Share your code on coupon websites or in the comment sections of different websites.

By using this strategy, you not only assist others in receiving discounts but also gain additional Wish credits for each user of your coupon. In this method, you can use Wish to acquire free goods without using a credit card. Shipping, which typically costs roughly $2, doesn’t appear to be covered by it.

How Can I Use a Credit Cardless Payment on Wish?

You can pay on Wish without a credit card, and in the context of this post, you will still get any available free stuff on Wish. Below are alternative payment methods you can select.

  • (Visa or MasterCard) Apple Pay debit cards
  • Klarna
  • Google Pay PayPal Ebanx, which accepts credit cards through Boleto, Oxxo, and
  • Afterpay,
  • Pix, and
  • iDea

However, the payment options Wish offers can change based on where you live or the device you’re using to shop. If you can’t find a particular payment method during checkout from the list above, it may not be an acceptable payment method in your area.

Why Is Wish Offering Free Items?

Although a lot of the things on Wish have the title “free,” the truth is a little more nuanced. These “free” things frequently have a catch, like exorbitant shipping costs. For instance, I’ve observed that although some things may be advertised as free, the shipping costs can reach $7. This is particularly true for products that come in a single unfavorable color or size.

I once placed a Wish order for a YouTube project that included almost 100 goods. They have Limited Quantity Deals, which are priced at.50 with an additional.25 for delivery, which I discovered during this encounter.

But landing these deals is no simple process. They are released every hour, and you must act quickly to get them in the first few seconds. Despite the hoopla, it might be difficult to succeed with these bargains.

Free things on Wish may not always be available without a credit card. Even if an item is marked as being shipped, the cost is frequently substantially more than the actual shipping charge.

Wish merchants take advantage of a trade arrangement that enables incredibly inexpensive shipping rates from China, often as low as 39 cents per item. Even US domestic shipping is less expensive than this cost. Despite the fact that the item itself is posted for free, sellers mark up the shipping cost to increase their profit.

Many people might consider a $2 to $3 shipping charge to be fair. The markup is obvious, though, when you consider that the seller’s actual cost was only 39 cents. Although the profit per item can appear small, it builds up when you take into account the volume of sales.

Payment Method FAQ’s. Wishhttp://wish

inconclusion wish app is the est way of make payments world wide with out using iacredit card



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